International Aumaujaya United Young Stars Association is a non-profit youth organization founded for the cultivation of courage, confidence, individuality, intelligence, and human values in the youth. I AUYSA has been formed by His Excellency SP Maestro (Humanist, Philanthropist, Personality Development Trainer, Mentor for CEOs from corporate and expert in life skills & soft skills) to help the youth lead healthy, happy, and successful life.

 I AUYSA main motto is to make present modern youth
powerful, aware, socially and naturally sensible, knowledgeable, energetic, parotic, value based, individualistic, integrative, perfect, complete, victorious and joyful in their lives. To say simply creating a revolutionistic, modern and idealistic youth is the main objective of I AUYSA.

Boys & Girls (10yrs – 40yrs) can become free members in              I AUYSA.


I AUYSA aspires to see the youth leading happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful life across the globe.


I AUYSA has committed to evolve as the centre of excellence in terms of imparting knowledge & skills and encouraging arts & sports.


Developing courage, confidence, skills, universal human values & ethics among the youth.

Aims & Objectives

  • Conducting skill development programmes for the youth
  • Developing a strong sense of social service in the youth
  • Bringing awareness in the youth about environmental protection
  • Inculcating right attitude & values in the youth
  • Conserving world heritage & culture
  • Promoting patriotism in the youth
  • Developing humanity, goodness, and righteousness in the youth
  • Helping the youth to lead healthy, happy, and successful life

Slogans of I AUYSA

Be a Leader to achieve the world
Be a Scientist to achieve the nature
Be a Master to achieve the life
Be a Philosopher to achieve the mystery of life
Be a Humanist to achieve the society

Under the Guidance of SP Maestro, I AUYSA Makes the Youth Excel in


Personality & Skill Development Activities

  • Lead the Future: (online/offline Sessions) Life skills, Soft Skills,
    Employability Skills and personality development class for the youth on 2nd
    Sunday of every month by His Excellency SP Maestro
  • Lead the Future: (In-person Training Session) once for very three months by
    His Excellency SP Maestro
  • Career Guidance, Employability Skills and Up skilling sessions by academic
    and industry experts
  • Organising special programmes for students in Educational Institutions

Social Service Activities

  • Helping poor students who excel in studies
  • Conducting medical camps
  • Planting saplings
  • Distribution of groceries to orphanages, old age homes, blind schools & the needy
  • Promoting human values in the family, in Educational Institutions, and in the society

Sports, Cultural and Extracurricular Activities

  • Conducting sports competitions& cultural activities for students
  • Conducting essay writing and elocution competitions for students
  • Organizing Quiz contests
  • Encouraging the youth in various Arts &Sports

Topics Taught in I AUYSA

Personality Development Creative & Logic Prediction
Skill Development Communication Skills
Stress Management Goal setting & Achievement
Time Management Value Making Management
Leadership Management Handling Emotions & Ego
Interpersonal Skills Mind & World Management
Employability Skills Perfect Man Management
Team Management Health & Glow Management

Come! Join I AUYSA! Get success in your chosen field.

Reap the rewards of the peak of your life & stand as role-models to all.
Come! Get yourself & live the life you like most.
Come! Be a light unto yourself & share the light unto the world.

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