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His Excellency

SP Maestro

I AUYSA has been formed by His Excellency SP Maestro (Humanist, Philanthropist, Personality Development Trainer, Mentor for CEOs from corporate and expert in life skills & soft skills) to help the youth lead healthy, happy, and successful life.

Founder's Message

                          This is a call to all the youngsters in the world. I am here to create the original youth. My whole work is to fight against your unconsciousness and protect you from the ignorance by carving you as a dynamic personality with perfect integrity.

                           My whole effort is to give you’ to yourself. I am the dead end to all weaknesses and source of all strengths. My main mission is to create a universal man (which is a silent and secret utopia of every human being on the earth so far) by going beyond all the divisions, discrimination’s, distractions, diversions, dilemmas, deviations and disparities.

                           My long dream is that I want to see every youngster as a leader, as a scientist, as a philosopher, as a humanitarian and as a master unto himself/herself. I am the bridge between the ancient wisdom and the modern technology. Come! Reach me and get yourself; become a light unto yourself and enlighten the world. Let us create balance between the man, the world, and the nature.

                           Do not live the life as per the world given to you. Create the life on the earth which gives glory to the globe and perfection to the life with true experience of truthfulness, bliss, consciousness, beauty, and humanity. Let us unite and create a universal man and celebrate this world with humanity and love I AUYSA trains you, guides you, and leads you towards your goals and ambitions by creating perfect balance and integration within and without. Let us be the channels for the positive energy and change the world into a land of freedom and liberty with love and bliss.

I AUYSA is for the Heaven on Earth
– His Excellency SP Maestro (Founder)
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