Personal Life Skills & Professional Life Skills – Day 2 – Morning Session | I AUYSA

As part of the skill development program LTF-5, a seven-day workshop has been organized by the international youth organization “I AUYSA” under the guidance of SP Maestro, the Founder of I AUYSA.

Yoga Class Conducted by I AUYSA

The Morning session of LTF In-person training session has started with a Yoga session. To inculcate good health and peace in every youth life, I AUYSA Founder SP Maestro has guided the core team to organize a free Yoga and Mudra meditation session everyday from 7AM to 8AM. With the support of well known Yoga Instructor “Sri Paramoji Brahmashastragna” from Mumbai, a Free online session has been arranged. In this session Sri Paramoji garu has enlightened the young minds with his tremendous knowledge in Yoga asanas. The participants have practiced, Yoga, Pranayama, Surya Namaskaras and other Mudra meditation techniques for good health and fitness. After Yoga, a prayer is conducted to inculcate patriotism and discipline.

After breakfast, a Fun activity has been arranged and everyone has taken part in it. The SP Maestro session has started at 11AM and the students have assembled at the I AUYSA Conference hall for the Session.

Here few clicks from the morning session…

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