Personal Life Skills & Professional Life Skills – Day 2 – Evening Session | I AUYSA

The second day of Lead the Future session – 5 a seven-day free skill development training program was successfully completed. In this session, SP Maestro gave a very deep understanding of the subject of “How to be a Good Human being”. The students were given essential knowledge which is useful for their whole life.

SP Maestro session Day 2
SP Maestro session Day 2

Here are some of the key points of the session:
1) Anger destroys concentration.
2) Laziness destroys memory power.
3) Ignorance destroys logic.
4) Procrastination destroys understanding power.
5) Lust destroys creativity.
6) Lies destroy interest.
7) Ego destroys good relationships.
8) Negative Attitude breaks relationships.
9) Bad Habits destroy your dignity.

The youth were taught how to face the situations in their life journey with wisdom and move forward with courage. Later in the evening, cultural programs: Classical dance, Western dance, Singing, Mimicry, Poetry recitation, and Stand-up comedy were organized and the participants were given certificates. The program ended with I AUYSA pledge(Jaikethanam) for “Unity, Integrity and Well-being of Humanity” organized by I AUYSA GEMS Sushma Akarapu and Siddhi Chaitanya.

Cultural activities by I AUYSA
Cultural activities by I AUYSA

The participants were happy about the Yoga session conducted by I AUYSA under the guidance of well-known Yoga Trainer “Sri Paramoji Brahma Sastragna”. And the participants have also shared their experiences of the SP Maestro’s session.

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