I AUYSA Spreads Joy with Notebook and Pen Distribution

Hyderabad, June 18, 2024 – In a heartwarming initiative, the I AUYSA brought smiles to the faces of 500 government school children across Hyderabad. On the eve of Father’s Day, the youth organization joyously distributed notebooks and pens, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and gratitude among the young students

I AUYSA Supports Education in Hyderabad

IAUYSA, known for its commitment to youth empowerment and community service, organized this event to emphasize the importance of education and support underprivileged children in their academic pursuits. The distribution took place in various government schools throughout the city, reaching students who often face challenges in accessing basic educational supplies

The event was marked by a sense of celebration and unity. Volunteers from IAUYSA, including young members and coordinators, personally handed out the notebooks and pens to the children. The students, dressed in their school uniforms, eagerly accepted the gifts, their faces lighting up with happiness. Teachers and school staff also participated, expressing their appreciation for the organization’s thoughtful gesture.

Inspiring Young Minds

“We wanted to do something special for these children, especially on the eve of Father’s Day,” said R Tirumala Rishi, the President at I AUYSA. “Education is a powerful tool for change, and we hope that by providing these basic supplies, we can encourage these young minds to pursue their studies with renewed enthusiasm.”

Gratitude from the Community

Parents and guardians of the students also expressed their gratitude towards IAUYSA. “This kind gesture means a lot to us,” said Ramesh Kumar, a parent of one of the beneficiaries. “These notebooks and pens will help our children continue their studies without interruption. We are thankful to I AUYSA for their support.”

The event culminated in a series of interactive sessions where IAUYSA members engaged with the students, discussing the importance of education and the role of parents and guardians in supporting their children’s academic journeys. These sessions were designed to motivate the students and reinforce the value of their schooling.

Future Initiatives by I AUYSA

As the children walked away with their new notebooks and pens, their smiles reflected the success of the initiative. The positive impact of IAUYSA’s efforts was evident in the joyful atmosphere and the heartfelt expressions of gratitude from both students and their families

I AUYSA plans to continue its support for educational initiatives and community service projects in the future. By fostering a culture of giving and emphasizing the importance of education, the organization hopes to contribute to the overall development and empowerment of young people across Hyderabad and beyond.


The International Aumaujaya United Young stars Association (I AUYSA) is a youth organization dedicated to empowering young individuals through education, community service, and leadership development. With a focus on creating positive change, I AUYSA engages in various initiatives aimed at supporting underprivileged communities and fostering a spirit of unity and compassion among youth. 

For more information about I AUYSA and its initiatives, please visit I AUYSA Website

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