Leader Vs Follower

Leader is the one who, under any circumstances, does not depend on others. Those who live with these principles i.e. independent thinking, self decision making, freedom of speech, commitment for goal oriented life, being responsible and the power of choosing can be the ones who are leading a life with leadership qualities. Leadership means mingling with everyone for achieving the goal. A follower is the one who does not possess the above principles. Followership means possessing servant qualities, not having trust, and being without responsibility, discipline and goal. You must become a king to your own life. Never be a servant. But to be a king you must serve yourself moment to moment just like a servant.

Patience, joyfulness, determination and independence are good leadership qualities. If we learn how to serve our body, our mind gets energized. If we learn how to serve our mind, our worldly life gets energized. If we learn how to serve our worldly life, our nature gets energized. If we learn how to serve our nature, our soul gets energized. If we learn how to serve our soul, our human life gets completeness.

Always give importance to the present, and not to the past and the future. The way, how you utilize the present day and what you choose from this day, defines you as a leader. The power of choosing is a leadership quality. You need to keep in mind these five outcomes while choosing: Happiness, satisfaction, peacefulness, healthiness and values. If we fail in choosing or prioritizing, we are no more. Choose your life. Choice is always yours. Choosing refers to the feeling of responsibility. Choose only the positive and discard the negative.

All the negatives are wrong tools which can be imposed on human beings. A leader will neither respond nor react for negativity. He/she would rather possess patience, peace, right understanding, analyzing information, choosing power, examining things, being responsible and being bold. Leaders would like to filter things to ensure that they reach in a simple way to subordinates.

Be responsible to any one person i.e. either to your mother or father or guru. If you are comfortable with your mother, you will have happy life and you will win the life. If you are comfortable with your father, you will have lovely life and you will win yourself. If you love your guru, you will win the god. For your life, you need guru. If you love your mother, father and guru, you will win everything.

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