Stop Not Until You Reach Your Goal

Never ever compromise and adjust in the life. If you compromise or adjust at this young age, you will never become a great personality in your life time. Never ever compromise or adjust at the basic or minute things which are very important. Try harder and go further to win those basic things without being compromised.

Though you fail a number of times, there will always be an opportunity for you to succeed. If you fail for 1 lakhs times, still you will have an opportunity of 1, 00,001 times to try and succeed. The Almighty has given you infinite opportunities to make you win. This world has also given us numerous chances to make ourselves win. Let your efforts be persistent until you win. Never lose the hope or passion until you win. Be committed enough; maintain perseverance; and have faith until you succeed. Don’t let yourself become unconscious until you achieve your goal.

Never remind yourself of hunger or thirst. You should have madness towards any one of your goals. Unless you become mad or crazy towards your goal, you can never become a great person.

We should be crazy at our goals and ambitions. If it comes to studies, always carry the books even if you don’t like to read them. Just hold the books in your hands and just watch the books. At some point of time, you will definitely start reading. So always carry books with you though you feel difficulty in understanding them. Just get hold of such things, then automatically you start loving them. Once you love something, it will be understood easily. Whatever you love, it will automatically be remembered for life time. Hence, I advise you love the subject instead of liking it. Love the books and books reading instead of just liking them.

You should not love chocolates, biscuits, ice creams, bi-cycles, motor cycles and mobile phones. Instead of them, you have to love your ambition, love the subject or the process of achieving your ambition. Then you will start understanding it. Whomever we like, always we remind of them. Whomever we love, we always feel them and are able to understand them. If you want to have something in your life, you have to love it first; and then own it; and then like it; and then overcome it. Loving something means owning something, whereas liking something means winning something. Your likes should make you win something and your love should make you own something. In your ambition path, take all the winners as your role models in order to get admired by them and reach greater heights and make yourself live proudly.

An incompetent person takes failures as a pain. Hence, he/she suffers and gets disappointment. A competent person takes failure as a responsibility. Hence he/she quests and achieves his/her goal. The distance between success and failure is just a moment. For a moment, live your life completely by ruling your time. Then you can develop the energy to create your life.

Kneel down your head in front of goodness. Then you can held your head high proudly wherever you live. Those who don’t respect goodness, will dishonor themselves in this life itself.

Patience, listening skills, experience, discretion and awareness are the attributes that can produce unbelievable and wonderful results in your life.

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