The Art of Handling Emotions

We lose many things in our life because of fear. But, once we overcome fear we can do anything, achieve anything and get everything for us. Fear enters into you without your permission, your acceptance and your interference taking out your freedom and liberty. Today you are going to get the awareness of how to handle fear, how to lead fear and how to enlighten fear, getting back your freedom and liberty. There are many factors that cause fear. Here, I would like to focus on a few main factors. If you remove these, you can overcome fear and get yourself.

The presence of selfishness is the absence of fear. So be selfish. If you are selfish, you won’t be afraid of anything. If you are not selfish, you will be afraid of everything. Selfishness means looking at your own self, having an eye only on your goal, focusing, and concentrating only on your goal. Selfishness means that which gives value to your soul. Many of you don’t know what selfishness is and how to be selfish. But everyone feels that he/she is the most selfish one. Your selfishness is only up to chocolates, pens, books, and vehicles in the first level; and on money, relations, and things in the next level. These are the very lowest things. In the case of money, you are very much selfish. If anyone takes money from you, you don’t get any fear. You beat him up and down and take the money back. Here, you don’t get any fear because you are selfish. Only uneducated, ignorant, and retorted people will be selfish in these areas. Just have fun of that. Being selfish over here is not necessary to your life. Why do you have selfishness on such low grade and unnecessary things? Instead of that, be selfish in your subject and have selfishness on the knowledge of the subject. Just say to yourself that I ‘m going to have 100% knowledge of this subject, I don’t get satisfied even having 99.99% knowledge in this, and I don’t step backward under any situation or condition. Question yourself whether you have completely owned that subject or not. Be selfish in humanity, knowledge, consciousness, values, good character, individuality, and personality. If you are selfish in these aspects, it’s very easy to handle your life. Positive selfishness says that I should lead a valuable life and also should add values to the life of others. Negative selfishness says that only I should get and others shouldn’t get. Hence, have positive selfishness and get your fear completely destroyed.

Without Ego there is nothing in your life. With ego also there is nothing in your life. If you have more ego, you become a Hitler who suicides himself. If you have no ego, you become a beggar. But the ego what I am speaking about here, is entirely different from that. A man gets perfect ego only by time Management and discipline. You feel more afraid in case of time. If time is about to complete, you feel afraid. If time is less, you feel afraid and every minute you get fear whether your time is good or not. So, being as an egoist in time management is very essential here because only those who know the value of time can know the value of life.
Without knowing the value of time, no one can know the value of life. In this aspect, do not listen to anything or anyone. You just care your time. You have to be so egoistic that when God comes to you and say, “Have my darshan “, you should be in a position to reply, “I love my discipline, I love my goal, and I love my life. You wait for some time. You are next to my discipline”. Then God feels proud of you because He loves those people more who utilize their energy, capabilities, talent, time and resources properly. Do not let anyone eat your time. No one should steal your time without your permission. You shouldn’t donate your time for others without taking permission from your self. While donating your time, question yourself, “Shall I give this time? Is it useful to my goal? Is it helpful to my life? Is it healthy or not? Is it good to me or not?” In the time management, you will have to face lot of pressures and challenges. There will be lot of problems in that way. You don’t know how to be in such situations. Do not respond to any of such pressures, challenges. Ego means the energy which faces these pressures. Just being an egoist in time management, helps you face such pressures. So, be an egoist and get freed from the fears you face.

Lack of Pride is one of the reasons for fear. You have to be proud. You must be so proud that you should be answerable to your words, thoughts and actions. You have to develop your mindset in such a way that do whatever you feel inside, whatever you think, whatever you talk, whatever you desire. Keep in action every decision you make and be as you wish to be. Do you know what pride is? Pride is nothing but being honest with the goal. Be Proud in setting a goal, in being honest with that goal and in achieving that. You shouldn’t lose your pride at any cost. If you set a goal of becoming a doctor, you should say like this “I am not going to become a normal doctor, I am going to become the best doctor in this world”. In any field your goal should be the peak and nothing less than that. A small example in this regard: A group of people set the goal of reaching the peak of a hill and went for climbing. In that group some people saw the height of the hill and felt that they couldn’t do that. They went back with the satisfaction of seeing a hill of such height.

Some people saw the rocks over there and went back thinking of their worst situation if they fell down from that height. Some other people, anxious for making an effort, moved 10 steps forward and said “This is not possible” and went back. Some people were able to go up to the middle, some people up to 75% and came back. Only a few people could reach the top of the hill, stand on the top and said, “Wow! We are great”. They saw the top of hill from the bottom and now they are looking the bottom from the top. Your Pride should be in such a way that you shouldn’t step backward after setting a goal; you should face all the ups and downs and reach your goal. Here reaching the peak (goal) indicates the intensity of your pride. You can get anything by having pride and staying with your goal. So have Pride and destroy fear.

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