Living Principles of an ideal Student

1) Right Interest
Right interest means setting a goal and walking in the path of your goal by understanding yourself properly. You have to change as per the time, following your body nature and knowing your psychological state. Have clear clarity about things that are necessary for you and not necessary for you. Analyse the things both known and unknown. Have special interest towards the things that give you more happiness, more contentment; and where you can work more without any fatigue and tiresomeness. Try for the fulfilment of life having noble aspirations and goals.

2) Right Information
Right information means gaining knowledge and information which is practical and pragmatic. You must have the first hand information related to your needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses, and causes for loosing and winning. You should habituate to realise knowledge in a realistic approach.

3) Right Search
You should meet the successful and experienced people in your chosen field and take their advice, suggestions, opinions and guidance to enhance the knowledge related to your field.

4) Right Learning
You must learn the things properly by knowing clearly and perfectly about your needs and the facts related to it.

5) Right Practice
Learn the things that have known and apply them properly in your life. You can become an expert in your chosen field by getting grip on what you want, through continuous and proper practice.

6) Respect
You should honour the things you have liked. You have to enhance your life by developing respect towards the things that you want to like. Remember that it will grow in you to whatever you respect.

7) Memory Power
Your interest towards the subject will grow if you have respect for understanding the subject. The more you like the subject, the more interest you will cultivate towards it. Your memory power will enhance as per the growth of your interest in the subject. To remember the things you have liked most, you have to pay special attention to them.

8) Right Concentration
As respect grows towards yourself, memory power enhances in you. As memory power increases in you, trust grows in you. As trust increases in you, interest develops in you. As interest grows in you, you attain concentration.

9) Right Thought
You can achieve the thing you want as it is when you think honestly, knowing your limits and rights; and step forward with foresight in such a manner that you should enhance your calibre, capability and talent. Your every thought will become fruitful if you learn clearly, knowing what you want and what is necessary for you.

10) Right Trust
The seeds (your calibre, capability, talent) will grow into a great tree when you have absolute trust in you, others, and God. Your trust gives you successful life.

11) Right Goal

First of all, you must recognise your talent to set a goal and choose the best field which brings your talent into limelight. You should be ready to sacrifice everything and face all challenges to attain your goal. You must go ahead doing your best without caring hurdles and troubles. You have to work hard without rest until you achieve your goal.

12) Strong Determination
You should get proper information (Success& failures, strengths & weaknesses) about the task you would like to do. Take final decision about the task thinking properly and go ahead sacrificing everything towards the fulfilment of that task.

13) Right Devotion
Always remember only your goal; and do the work related to your goal, thinking of your goal
and longing for your goal. Move forward with stability doing the work in time.

14) Perseverance
Set action plans (short term and long term) logically in realistic perspective; and go ahead as per the plan without forsaking them in the middle. Work hard with stable mind without any frustration and irritation. Move forward consistently and effectively without changing your decision, but changing yourself to make your decision win.

15) Self-discipline
Examine thoroughly the situations, occasions, ambience, favourable and unfavourable times you have. Work as per the schedule knowing your limits and needs. Live stress-free life with presence of mind according to your plan, directing yourself towards your goal.

16) Self-training
Speak what you think through your mind and do what you speak. Live successful life keeping your body, mind and sense organs in discipline.

17) Expertise
You should have thorough knowledge in the field or profession related to you. You must protect your rights knowing all the rules and regulations thoroughly. You have to lead a successful life fulfilling your duties and responsibility in a right manner.

18) Individuality
Learn good things beyond failure and success. Change for newness, live for a noble cause and experience only goodness. Develop yourself as an energetic, capable and talented person. Live the life mending yourself, rectifying yourself, doing good to yourself and unto others.

19) Change
To live successful life, you have to change your thoughts, attributes, habits, language, behaviour, nature, and values perfecting as per your goal. You have to overcome laziness by hard work; negligence by discipline, postponing attitude by courage and patience.

20). Restraint
You have to keep your thoughts, words, actions, and behaviour in your control. Always keep yourself in jolly mood; keep your body in energetic mode; keep your mind in active mode and do each and every work with a sense of satisfaction and joy

21). Relationships
You should establish healthy rapport with all. Be humble and show respect towards parents and elders. You should be ideal to your juniors and neighbours.

22). Love
Have right intentions and opinions towards everyone and love your life, your guru, your country and the nature.

23). Service
You must have service oriented attitude towards parents, gurus, nature and helpless people and make others involve in various social service activities.

24). Gratitude
Be thankful to your well-wishers and the people who helped you. You have to live robust and energetic life physically, mentally, intellectually, socially, morally, and spiritually developing self-pride; forgiving your past; loving your future; utilizing your present properly; creating opportunities and fulfilling your life.

25). Balance
You should maintain equilibrium in physical, mental, social, and family related matters. You have to live a balanced life with all and in all times.

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