The Science of Logic

It is very important for us to know what logic is. It is finding out the reasoning using a scientific method. That means there should be practically, a reason, purpose and goal behind the reasoning. The reasoning should be real and experience oriented. There should be a proof for that. Logic plays 70% role in your life. Everything depends on logic. Your thoughts, words, actions, behavior, relationships, money, work, communication, leadership qualities, character and personality depend on logic. To do anything in this world you need logic.

Logic means experiencing the knowledge in a systematic way. It means experiencing everything gradually step by step. I am able to experience means I am in right mode. I am not able to experience means I am not in a right mode. Simply, logic means that which enables you to experience everything. I know the logic of something means “I know how to operate that; I know the strengths and weakness of that; I know the background of that; I know the history of that; I can run that; I can drive that; and I am knowledgeable of that”. Logic of something means knowing each and everything about that.

That which makes fear no more is said to be logic. If you haven’t fear in you, you are said to have a perfect logic. If your logic gets down, you get will fear; if your creativity gets down, you will get sadness; if your understanding gets down, you will get misery. You will feel lack of confidence, you will feel helpless, you will enter into a questioning mode, “why am like this? Why is this always happening to me?” And finally you lose clarity on life if all these go down.

In order to think logically, you should have clarity about what you have to see, what you have to listen, what you have to talk, what you have to accept and what is necessary to you and what is not. To get such clarity, you should have a goal. Know your goal. Then all the garbage (disturbances) comes to one side and life comes to another side. Some things can be kept in actions not in words; some in words not in thoughts; some in thoughts not in actions; some things can be kept in all these thoughts, words and actions but cannot be taken into our life and some can be taken only into our life but not into these. So if you know how to function these, how to activate these, how to use these, you will become the greatest. You have everything but you don’t know how to use yourselves. You are the perfect human being but you don’t know how to use yourself. Once you know about yourself and how to use yourself, then you are the greatest history, you are the greatest science, you are the greatest subject, you are the powerful knowledge and you are the powerful human being. Then we call you a superman. So know how to use yourself. Logic means that which gives us the knowledge to use everything. Everything has an output, if you are able to bring such output, you are said to have logic. Now we go for a simple and important version of logic. There is a good meaning behind the word logic. In logic
L stands for “Liberating”
O stands for “Organizing”
G stands for “Generating”
I stands for “Intelligence”
C stands for “Calculating”

today’s subject.

“L” stands for liberating. What is liberating? Liberating means “why?” First you have to get the question “why?” You must question everything “why?” If anyone comes and ask your name, you shouldn’t say my name is so and so. You should question “why?” why you need my name? Immediately after asking your name, if you say like a school boy dictating to his teacher. I say that you don’t have brain. You have only one brain and you should allot work to that or else it throws burden on life. You have to use the brain f100%. You shouldn’t give answer to everything like a school boy, you should learn questioning.

More questions, doubts, enquiries, inferences, research, discovery, experiments; some exercise and practice for 24 hours should be part of your life. Then only liveliness comes in you and you can get the ownership of your life. If these are not there, there will be no direct connectivity and no direct relationship with your life. There will be no experiences in your life and you cannot lead your life face to face. You start earning everything duplicate. There will be no dialogues coming originally from you. Some will be from movie songs, some from dialogues and some from your friends’ dialogues. You become an imitator to everyone losing your own originality. You shouldn’t become an imitator to everyone. You should be original and you should be yourself. In order to be original, you should have original and face to face relationship with your life which is possible only by questioning.

So liberation means “why”, which always liberates you. Just question yourself, why have I taken birth? Why am I growing? Why should I die? Why should I eat and drink? Why only these parents, friends, this school, this college to me? Question everything. Don’t leave anything or anyone. Don’t worry at all. Don’t get fear while you are questioning. You are questioning only to remove your fear. If you question, fear goes out.

Swami Vivekananda gave a quotation on the greatness of questioning. “When you question, your weakness goes down; when you question, the darkness goes out; when you question light comes within you “. You lose your fear by questioning; you come to know your strengths. So never get afraid of questioning.

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