Overcome Emotional challenges from Colleagues

Follow the following three principles whenever a colleague challenges, comments and commands your emotions.

1. Have patience

2. Be smiling

3. Be silent

Never ever try to challenge those challenges or persons. Just observe those challenges; be patient; be silent and be smiling. For a while, be far away from those persons who comment you and observe them. If you are willing to answer them, just remind them of their good deeds and appreciate them. Then automatically emotional troubles, challenges and comments created by them will be solved.  If someone in the workplace repeatedly awakens your past, creates issues with your emotions, tries to insult you and keeps pressure on you, then you should be able to recollect and remind him/her of his/her good deeds, good memories, appreciate him/her for the same and respect him/her. For this, you have to follow the practices of patience, smile, silence, maintaining some distance and observing the person.  By doing this you will be able to overcome the challenges and regain your respect, identity the way you intended.

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